Try These Fall Decor Trends to Up Your Home’s Cozy Factor

October 18, 2023

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Fall is officially upon us, which is the perfect time to make design changes to your home to
make the space feel more warm, cozy, and inviting.

But how do you do that in a way that feels both stylish and on-trend?

A recent article from outlined some of 2023’s hottest cozy (and sophisticated!) design trends, which are perfect for turning up the cozy factor in your home this fall, including:

  • Jewel tones. Jewel tones like teal blue, emerald green, and royal purple are having a serious moment right now, so if you want to make a statement, these rich hues are a great paint option. Plus, the deep colors will make your home feel both cozy and colorful, which can be helpful as you transition into the colder (and drearier) winter months.
  • “Granny-chic” wallpaper. Printed wallpaper with “granny-chic” designs like roses, trellis designs, or other cottage-inspired patterns are an on-trend way to make your home feel cozier. And if you only want that cozy for a season, you can use the peel-and-stick variety and then switch it out for a more spring or summer-inspired design as the seasons change.
  • Wood on wood. Incorporating wood elements into your home decor is a way of “bringing the outdoors inside,” which definitely lends a cozy feel to a room. Try incorporating different types and accents into a room — for example, a wood panel bathroom wall complimented with wood accents, like a trunk-inspired wood stool and bathroom vanity — for a look that’s equal parts cozy and sophisticated.