Spruce Up Your Bathroom With 2024’s Hottest Bathroom Design Trends

2024 is officially in full swing. And as people settle into the new year, many are looking for new, trendy, and stylish ways they can change and refresh their homes, which often includes their bathrooms. So what, exactly, are the trends in bathroom design, and how can you incorporate them ...

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Homeownership Is Still at the Heart of the American Dream

Buying a home is a powerful decision, and it remains at the heart of the American Dream. Unlike renting, owning a home means more than just having a place to live – it offers a sense of belonging, stability, and freedom. According to Nicole Bachaud, Senior Economist at Zillow: “The American Dream is ...

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Avoid These Common Mistakes After Applying for a Mortgage

  If you’re getting ready to buy a home, it’s exciting to jump a few steps ahead and think about moving in and making it your own. But before you get too far down the emotional path, there are some key things to keep in mind after you apply for your mortgage and before you ...

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