Cleaning Your House for Guests: A Checklist 🧹

One Week to Go It’s strategic cleaning time. Here’s what to tackle now — things your family won’t easily undo before your guests arrive. Declutter again. Vacuum and dust guest rooms. If they’re low-traffic, the cleanliness should hold with just a quick wipe-down right before they arrive. Wipe down walls. Wipe down ...

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10 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring Movers 📦

Buying a house is exciting. Moving to it? Not so much! Of course, hiring a professional mover to schlep your belongings from your old home to your new abode can make things a whole lot easier. Choosing the right mover, though, will require some careful vetting. While you probably know ...

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Should You Wait Until Spring To Sell Your 🏡? No Way! Why Winter Listings Rule Today

Winter is typically a slow time for home sales, when sellers might wonder if they have any hope of finding a buyer. But will that be the case this winter? “Normally this is a boring question, but this year it’s anything but,” says Danielle Hale, chief economist of®. Although the housing market tends ...

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