The Best Practices for a Safe + Clean Fire Pit

August 13, 2021

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One of the highlights of summer is late night backyard bonfires. Before you start making s’mores, make sure your fire pit is in good shape so you, your family and guests stay safe.

Follow these quick and easy best practices so your firepit stays clean throughout the summer season.

Remove old ashes before use.

If you’re using a wood-fired pit, you want to clear out the ashes from the previous use before your next fire. If you have a gas-powered pit, remove any twigs, leaves or debris from the pit before turning it on.

Get a cover for your pit.

To protect your fire pit from the elements or prevent debris from blowing in, get a cover to place over your pit while you’re not using it.

Don’t use cold water to put out the fire. 

Pouring cold water on a hot flame can shock masonry and metal, causing it to weaken. To keep your firepit sturdy, allow the fire to die down naturally. Make sure to not leave your fire unintended.

Stay away from accelerants. 

Accelerants may come in handy when you’re starting your fire, but over time they can build up in your pit – making it more unsafe.

Store your fire pit properly.

When your bonfire season is over, deep clean your fire pit and then store it in a dry, covered-area. This will help your fire pit stay in good condition for many more summers to come!