Ready for a Patio Update Come Spring?

February 23, 2022

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Make Your Perfect Patio
Ready for a patio update come spring? Now would be the time to start drafting up plans for your perfect patio so you can enter the new season with a spring in your step. This guide will help you organize your thoughts and make this upcoming spring the best one yet.


Determine your budget. 
The first step to any major project is to determine your budget and the purpose of your patio. Research how much materials cost and if you want to hire labor or DIY your patio. Most of your costs come from the materials you choose or if you want any upgrades, such as a pagoda or a hot tub. Labor costs will be extra and usually run an average of $5 to $15 per square foot. Budget will depend on the purpose of your patio. Do you want it as an extension to your house? A getaway patio or a spot for entertainment?

Pick a location and size.
After a budget has been established, you will want to think of the location. Most patios are accessible to the kitchen and have as few steps as possible. An entertaining patio or a getaway patio are often more remote, towards the back of the property. Finding the best spot for your perfect patio is important early on.

There are no specific dimensions that your patio must be. As a rule of thumb, make your patio as wide as the house and as long as the house’s height, or match it to the average size of an indoor room. Think about how many people would normally congregate in a space and go from there.

Choose your aesthetic.
Mood Boards are a great way to brainstorm and motivate. Websites like Pinterest, Canva and We Heart It are good places to inspire ideas. This is the time to imagine exactly what you want, so you can make your dream patio a reality. Do you want a fire pit? What about a hot tub? As you plan, remember to make it fun and to not get too bogged down by all the details.

Think of the extras.
Once you crunch the numbers, it’s time to shop. Pick out your furniture style and any of the pieces you want on your patio. Maybe add some string lights for that extra flair or a hammock or hanging chairs to elevate your seating for your guests.
As you begin to go furniture shopping and decide on the color of wood you want to match your siding, this would be a great time to start thinking of landscaping. The surrounding area makes the space, after all. The best time to start your seedlings is 4-6 weeks before the last winter frost.

Unsure of any steps? Reach out! Talk to one of our real estate agents to see what could add value to the home and any tips they might have.