Ideas for Your Autumn Flowers

September 10, 2021


We don’t know about you, but summer seemed to whiz by for us. September heralds autumn, with cooler, crisper weather and family visits becoming more frequent.
Every season has flower symbols, and autumn is rich with them. Fall colors and the scent of autumn, can both be captured in what blooms during this time of year.
Whether you are looking for a gift for a favorite gardener or a stunning centerpiece for the dining table, there should be no shortage of autumn flowers from which to choose.



One of the prettiest gifts you can give to your favorite gardener in autumn is a potted chrysanthemum. At this time of year, they can be purchased in full bloom in the typical fall colors: brown, gold, yellow, and burgundy.
When the blooms die, the plant can be cut down, and it will bloom again the following autumn. Other living gifts include potted hydrangea and miniature orange roses.



Autumn is the time to plant spring bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils, so buy yours early and get them in the ground.
If you are giving the bulbs as a gift, you can be assured that the recipient will think of you all spring long. Use a cute planting pot as the box, wrap some pretty, autumn-colored cellophane around it, and tie it with a big bow.



An attractive vase filled with fresh, autumn-colored flowers always seems to drive away the blahs and add warmth to a chilly home. When they come from your garden, it’s even more rewarding.
Autumn floral gifts can be a bit more creative, however. Someone that entertains frequently might enjoy a Thanksgiving centerpiece composed of a cornucopia overflowing with autumn-colored flowers.
Flowers to consider include asters, yellow alstroemeria, yellow or white yarrow, orange gerbera daisies, small brown button mums, seasonal berries, and a few sprays of goldenrod.
Brighten up your life with fall color from the garden and show friends that you’re thankful for them by sharing.