5 Native Plants for a Gorgeous Michigan Garden

August 17, 2021


Did you know there are certain plants that are native to Michigan? They not only thrive in our Michigan soil, but are also gorgeous and maintenance-free additions to your garden.

Native plants require less fertilizing, watering and spraying. These plants have adapted to Michigan’s soil, climate and water levels, so they are much more resilient when it comes to surviving heat waves or frost. Best of all, most of them will pop up again every spring after the winter!

Here are five native plants you can add to your garden this spring!


Butterfly Weed

Despite its name, this flower does NOT look like a weed. It has bright orange flowers and will make your garden burst with color. It loves full sun and can reach up to 36 inches tall! It will bloom in early to mid-summer and it will indeed attract more butterflies to your garden.


Purple Coneflower

This flower is one of the most popular Michigan plants. Its vibrant purple color adds richness to your garden and its seedheads are a wonderful food source for birds. This plant can grow up to two to four feet and prefers full sun. It will bloom from early to late summer. You may see more Monarch butterflies around, too!






Michigan Rose

Add patches of pink, red and white to your garden with the Michigan Rose (also called Rosa Rugosa). Unlike other roses, these are not high maintenance. They grow as a shrub and can reach up to six feet tall. The Michigan Rose loves being in full sun the best.


Evening Primrose

The evening primrose will add cheer to your garden with its sunshine yellow color. It will be a great addition to your garden because it spreads quickly and will even tolerate poor soil or drought. It will bloom in early summer and prefers to be in full sun.



This spring beauty is not found in many other states. It is also a protected flower, so make sure to buy it from a nursery rather than pick it from the wild. It will bloom in the spring and prefers a shady, moist area. This plant can reach almost two feet tall!

We hope you love the plants that have always called Michigan home. Enjoy your gorgeous spring garden and all of the beauty that comes with it!



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