4 Things to Do in February to Avoid a Yucky Spring

February 7, 2022

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A mud-remediation plan. That’s No. 1 on this short list.

A bright entryway with colorful coat hanger and backpacks

Image: Roundabout Studio Inc.

That dark time when winter just won’t go is like that friend who can’t take a hint to leave.

Give a push with these four easy tasks that’ll help usher in spring.


#1 Deep-Clean Your Entryway

Snow. Salt. Boots. Shovels. Your entryway floors, baseboards, rugs, and more have had a rough few months. Give that smallest of rooms some deep cleaning love now, before the salt crust becomes a permanent part of your entryway decor in spring.


#2 Make an Anti-Mud Plan

Rainboots in a mud puddle
Image: Amanda Voelker/Offset

Mud may be the least of your frozen worries now, but it’s a-coming.

Be prepared with a remediation plan. With your yard in its frozen-tundra state, you can easily see the troublesome spots.

Research potential ground cover, like gravel, a rain garden, decorative rocks, or the right grass that’ll soak it up. Then you’ll be ready to execute your anti-mud plan the moment it’s warm enough — and do it in time to keep the mud at bay.

#3 Organize Your Cleaning Closets and Laundry Room

A bright white laundry room with washer and dryer
Image: A. Peltier Interiors Inc., designer | Bethany Nauert Photography, photographer

Before the madness of spring cleaning begins, organize (or even renovate!) your laundry room and clean closets or cupboards.

This will not only breathe new life into these often-ignored areas, but perfectly pampered cleaning stations can seriously rev up your spring cleaning motivation.

#4 Hail a Handyperson

Handyman painting the wall in a house
Image: Kathrin Ziegler/Getty

Plus, you may be surprised at what outdoor chores can be done.

You’ll be spring-ready before the first flower buds.