Tips On Keeping Your Houseplants Clean🧼

June 9, 2022

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When you start your spring cleaning this year, don’t overlook your houseplants! By giving them a little extra attention, you will ensure that they will look their best and be their healthiest. Depending on the plant and the season, you can clean your houseplants in many different ways.

Give your plants a gentle dusting.

You can keep houseplants clean by dusting them and rubbing the leaves gently with cheesecloth or a damp paper towel. Don’t use oils or polishes to make houseplant leaves shine. These products can block your plant’s pores, which can interfere with your plant’s ability to breathe and could cause it to die. Simply use water and a damp paper towel to delicately wipe each of the leaves down. As you wipe, support each leaf from underneath with one hand to avoid putting too much pressure on the leaf as you run the cloth over it.

Some plants can take a shower!

If you want to hydrate your plants after the harsh winter while giving them a wash, you can put your hardier plants in the shower to remove dust and get rid of pests. Remember to keep the water pressure low. Extreme temperatures can damage leaves, so keep it mild. To clean more delicate, small houseplants such as ferns or light succulents, another option is to submerge the leaves in a bucket of water. Leave your plant in the bucket until bubbles stop emerging and they will be hydrated and clean.

If there might be mites…

If you suspect that your houseplant has mites or other unwanted visitors, an effective houseplant cleaner is your dishwashing liquid diluted with some water in a spray bottle. If you think that the pests are persisting, you can replace the soil after washing the pot and the plant with warm water.

Get rid of the dead stuff.

Finally, never leave dead foliage or leaves that have dropped into the soil. While this may be helpful with outdoor plants, rotting foliage provides a breeding ground for pests and disease that can wreak havoc on your plants. If your plant has dying leaves, deadhead them. If the leaf resists when you try to remove it, don’t force it to come off. Instead, use scissors to nip the leaf as close to the stem as possible.

Cleaning your plants is straightforward and easy and only adds a few extra minutes to your routine. Not only does it keep your plants happy and healthy, but it’s a bonus for your home, too! Cleaning the dust off your plants further sanitizes your home of that unwanted dust, dander, and dirt, and gives your home a boost this spring.