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Yellow Stripey Things šŸ

Thought this was a great article and thought I would repost it. šŸ The Hearty Soulā€™s ā€œComprehensive Guide To Stripey Thingsā€ Will Amuse And Educate You The spring, summer and even early autumn is a busy time for this wide variety of ā€œyellow stripey thingsā€, saidĀ The Hearty SoulĀ in theirĀ Comprehensive Guide ...

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šŸ§¹The Most Common Spring Cleaning Mistake (Plus 8 Others)šŸ§½

Donā€™t open the windows. That spring breeze is no help at all. Once there’s even a glimmer of spring, you’re ready to throw open your windows and let the breeze blow away the winter funk. Well, you might want to rethink thatĀ spring cleaningĀ ritual this year. If you’re an allergy sufferer ...

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Home Buying ProcessšŸ”

I put together a small series of videos to help you or someone you know looking to buy a house. Click Here to watch the series of videos. Step 1: Pre-Approval Step 2: Home Search Step 3: Writing an Offer Step 4: Contingencies Step 5: Due Diligence Step 6: Closing ...

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