Make Your Home’s Entryway Irresistible To Buyers 💐

October 6, 2021

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We don’t blame you for wanting to squeeze every last penny out of the sale of your home. And, there are some inexpensive cosmetic changes you can make that will appeal to buyers, raising the home’s perceived value.

Even giving it maximum curb appeal will go a long way in getting them out of the car and up to the door.

Let’s take a look at some simple “fixes” you can perform that will ensure that those touring your home fall in love the minute they step through the front door.

Second Impressions Matter Too
Increasing your home’s curb appeal (its first impression) is only half the battle in the war for homebuyers’ hearts. The second impression—what they see when they open the door—needs to entice them to enter and explore.

If you don’t have an evident entry area, it’s time to create one.

Even the tiniest of homes deserve a welcoming foyer, so let’s take a look at some tips to create one that will wow homebuyers.

Speaking of small homes, consider an eye-catching throw rug and a scaled-down console table. Even an ultra-attractive chair or bench with the right lighting can set the mood and entice buyers to keep going deeper into the home.

A mirror is almost a must in a small foyer. It will reflect light and make the area appear larger than it is.

If you have enough space, two other must-have items in the foyer include a table lamp and an attractive potted plant or vase of fresh flowers. Then, keep the area clutter-free while the home is on the market.

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