Easiest Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Yard 🧹

May 12, 2022

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With spring in full swing, we can look forward to longer days, warmer weather, spring flowers and enjoying time outdoors. However, when the snow melted and revealed everything underneath, your newly thawed optimism likely waned after thinking of all the yard work that has to get done. To keep your spring spirits high, we’ve created a checklist to make your outside spring cleanup a breeze. With these series of tasks and the right tools, your yard will be ready for the season by the end of the weekend.


Clean Up Debris

Winter storms often leave a messy path of broken branches, sticks and other pieces of plant life that had been frozen under the snow. Pick up any fallen branches or twigs, clean leftover pet messes and empty any potted plants that didn’t make it through the winter. Instead of bagging up leaves and twigs, use them as a foundation for a compost bin!


Once your lawn and garden beds are dry, rake up any dead leaves or dead grass that might’ve found its way under the snow. While it might be dead and dreary right now, it will green up in no time and your perennials will begin to thrive!


Spruce up your plants by clipping away any dead, dying or diseased branches. Not only will this make your plants look more lively, but it will promote new growth by allowing more sunlight and air to reach the center of trees and shrubs.



With spring showers coming through, this is a great time to start planting seeds. Starting in early spring, plant trees, shrubs and perennial flowers. Later in the season when the frost is sure to stay away, you can begin to plant annuals and tender perennials.


After you plant your seeds, it’s time to lay down a new layer of mulch. An important step in the planting process, mulch creates a weed barrier and prevents soil erosion. After you remove old and excess mulch, spread your chosen mulch 2-4” thick, but go sparingly around tree and shrub bases.

Paths, Patios and Beyond

Tidy up

Clean leaf stains and other wintery messes with a pressure washer that has a low-pressure tip. If you don’t own a pressure washer, a brush with a long handle is great for patios and walkways – and puts less stress on your back. You can buy one from Home Depot.


One of the most overlooked exterior areas is your windows. Cut overgrown trees and bushes from your windows and wash them inside and out. It’s the little things that make your spring cleaning truly shine!

Mud and Grime

After clearing your patios and walkways, it’s time to clear away all the grime of winter. Create a mixture of one cup baking soda with two cups distilled white vinegar, and spread over the patio with a mop. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then use a nylon-bristled scrub brush to scrub clean.

By focusing on these little details, your yard will look transformed in no time. Getting your outdoor cleaning out of the way early will free up more time to enjoy your beautiful backyard for the rest of spring and summer!