11 Yard Maintenance Tools Professional Landscapers Swear By Every Summer🌳

July 7, 2023

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But here’s a secret many landscapers don’t want you to know, since their livelihoods depend on it: If you get the right tools, doing your own yard maintenance can be a whole lot easier—maybe even a breeze. Better yet, all of these items are waiting for you on Amazon. No schlepping required!

So let these smart sidekicks help whip your outdoor space into shape with minimal effort. Read on for a rundown of items professional landscapers, gardeners, and other green thumbs swear by every summer. They’ve shared their tried-and-true picks to make quick (and easier) work of your yard. Hooray for more time to enjoy the view from your deck!

Even if you’re a newbie gardener, you need a solid pair of clippers, especially ones from a trusted brand like Fiskars. The blade on this set can be adjusted to match the type of stem you’re cutting, and they’re angled to ease wrist tension.

These were selected by landscaping and lifestyle expert, Chris Lambton.

“I always keep a pair in my pocket or tool shed, so I can trim garden plants or broken branches in the yard,” says Lambton, host of DIY Network’s “Lawn and Order” and “Yard Crashers.”

2. Dibber

A dibber, you say? Yup, it’s a funny word but critical if you’re planting any type of seed or starter plant in your yard or container pots.

“This dibber is a great tool for creating holes for seeds or bulbs—it makes any job easier and has been a help in the garden since ancient Roman times,” says Lambton.

3. Small axe

No outdoor gear set is complete without a handy hatchet for chopping kindling and saplings—or for breaking down items to be recycled or hauled to the dump. This pick comes fromf Erin Stender, chief marketing officer at Campspot, a booking platform for camping destinations in North America.

“Whether you’re prepping a spot to build a campfire or using it in the yard, this hatchet is small but mighty and worth a spot in your tool shed,” she says.

4. Deer repellant

Protecting your perennials from Bambi and her friends, who just adore hosta, is top of mind for lots of homeowners. It’s why Susan Brandt, the gardening expert at Blooming Secrets, recommends this particular repellent.

“The botanical oils in this spray irritate the deer’s sense of smell without stinking up your garden, and they also protect plants,” she explains.

Brandt recommends alternating the product’s mint and spice scents, so the “deer don’t get used to the aroma.”

5. Plant stakes

Strong, durable, eco-friendly and reusable—what’s not to love about these well-priced bamboo plant stakes? Brandt uses them to prop up all kinds of greenery in the garden and in her container pots, including tomatoes, lilies, and others with long stems.

“They’ll protect your plants during wind and rain and help them grow straight when their stems aren’t that strong yet,” she says.

6. Kneeler seat

Love gardening but not scrambling around in the dirt on all fours? Skip it—use this two-in-one kneeling pad and seat instead, says Lisa Davis, shopping expert at RetailMeNot.

“It’s foldable, lightweight, and comes with a handy pouch to keep necessities within arm’s reach,” she points out.

And it’s useful for more than just pulling weeds.

“With this product, you’ve also got a comfy chair for fishing, camping, or even giving your furry friend a bath,” Davis adds.


7. Garden tool set

Davis is also a big fan of this gardening tool set, which includes seven different pieces that can tackle weeding, digging, raking, and more. But it’s the accompanying tote that really makes the product a standout, she reports.

“Other gardening bags have plenty of pockets but aren’t deep enough to keep your tools from falling out,” she notes. “This one really does the trick.”

8. Outdoor work bench

Sure, you can transfer annuals to pretty pots and plant herb seeds on this bench, but it’s attractive enough to take on other duties. Use it as a sideboard for your cookout buffet or as a makeshift outdoor bar for cold drinks and an ice bucket. You can also fill it with plants, and it quickly becomes a green wall on your deck.

Pamela O’Brien, an interior decorator with Pamela Hope Designs, picked this piece because “it’s cute enough to sit on my patio and keep tools neat, while the shelves provide good storage, and the metal top makes cleanup a breeze.”

9. Self-watering planter

Containers that add color and take care of watering the plants? Sign us up! O’Brien selected this great-looking tool for one of her clients as a smart contrast to some concrete planters.

“This color spices things up in an already mostly gray color scheme,” she says.

10. All-purpose bug spray and sunscreen

bug spray

Gardeners and homeowners alike know that repelling critters and the sun’s harsh rays is critical when you’re spending hours outside. O’Brien votes for this DEET-free product that “works to protect me with a few quick sprays.”

Pick up this two-pack, and keep one by the back door and the other in the tool shed or garage.

11. Storage cabinet

Storage for your outdoor gear doesn’t have to be unattractive.

“This cedar-wood piece is coated in water-based, gray paint for a cute farmhouse vibe that blends with any style,” Davis says. Stash an extra garden hose, all-weather pillows, citronella candles, or bags of charcoal inside, so you’re ready for the summer season.

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